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Georgiana is an established speaker having spoken at conferences and corporate events for over ten years.


Training is a necessary part of many roles, but evolving BA make it a benefit and a worthwhile time.


No matter what stage you’re at in your career, some corporate or life coaching will ensure you’re on the right path or will help get you lined up.

Georgiana has been holding coaching sessions for individuals and teams on their career, projects or life goals. Trained by the Coaching Academy, London, she enjoys watching the growth in her clients.


Georgiana takes on mentees early in their career and uses her own life experience and that of her peers to help them excel.


Learn about running a Centre of Excellence, BA resources and articles, and about founder, Georgiana Mannion                                                                              


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Our Promises To You

Vision – to elevate, educate and, empower Business Analysts.
Mission – evolving BA is focused on elevating the status of the Business Analyst within their own organisation as well as across industries. We also educate BAs on tools and techniques using speaking and training, but educate organisations on the BA purpose and value. We empower BAs to excel in their profession through coaching and mentoring and sharing knowledge widely.
Our values -

  • Being authentic: we’re not trying to change who are you, we want you to be the best version of yourself.
  • Continued learning: the ‘evolving’ aspect applies to us too. We are committed to learning and changing to support BAs on their journey.
  • Be playful: committing to our own word of bringing play to the community. In how we work, what we deliver, how you engage with us.

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