Centre of Excellence

What is a Centre of Excellence?

Intrapreneurship for our Industry

‘A Centre of Excellence (COE) is a team, a shared facility or an entity that provides leadership, best practices, research, support and/or training for a focus area.’

Evolving BA truly values in learning from within.

Companies invest heavily in recruiting new talent whilst not always taking the opportunity to grow internally. This can be due to anticipated cost or time or sometimes they forget that their best assets are already working for them.

A Centre of Excellence is the perfect service for any sized team. A collocated small team or an international team of hundreds. This is because each BA is an individual with a differing background. Every BA I’ve interacted with has had something new to offer me. A tool or technique, a story, or a challenge!

Georgiana is developing Centre of Excellences using a blueprint of her design to bring out the best in each Business Analyst but ultimately helping them to improve the entire organisation. Whether that’s using the tools of a project or delivering improvement initiatives.

What you can expect from an evolving BA Centre of Excellence

Strategic Corporate Alignment






Intern Business Analyst

Junior Business Analyst

Business Analyst

Principal Business Analyst

Business Analyst Practice Manager

Business Analyst Practice Support Analyst

Role Development

Development Pathways

Skills Exchange

Competency Framework

Transferrable Skills

Adjacent Roles

Process Architecture

Process Mapping Approach

Process Governance

Process Endorsement

Process Repository

Continuous Improvement

Rapid Improvement


Internally Developed for BAs

External Recommendations

BA Developed for the Business

Cross Team Working




BA Essentials

The BA Timeline

Business Cases

Requirements Traceability

Benefits Approach

BA Practice




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