evolving BA offers a variety of training for the BA including bespoke training courses.

Georgiana is a fun and energetic trainer who delivers on great topics. Always using a playful attitude, delegates are always left wanting for more.

Training comes in a mix of one-to-one, small or large groups, in person or virtually.

The Playful BA: Creating a Business Playground

This training is focused on getting hands-on in the art of being playful, within a project and as a team. Bringing play and games to a project brings out more from our stakeholders and earlier. We can identify and prioritise requirements and identify statutory/policy needs using cards and stickers. Elicit benefits and risks by prototyping with Lego. Eight bins suddenly becomes a game for all to identify Lean wastes. Treat your documentation like your groceries and add a best before date instead of just the endorsed one.

Expect Lego, colourful stationery, butcher paper, stickers, play doh and more as you deliver a complete project in a day in a playful manner.

This training takes 1 day

This complete training needs to be delivered in person due to the hands-on nature and the materials being supplied.

Branding The BA, The Project, The Team

Business Analysts generally forget they are selling a service to an organisation through projects or continuous improvement. Each BA has key attributes that make them unique that can be leveraged to work on the pieces of work most appropriate. Georgiana is the ‘Playful BA’ making her particularly good at stakeholder engagement. What kind of BA are you?

The BA Team is often misunderstood or even not know in an organisation. A project may have a BA resource but the team is underutilised. What if the organisation was across all the service offerings of the team and sourced a BA at the right time for the right purpose? The value of branding the BA Team is being visible and elevated in the organisation so they are the first port of call for project initiation and improvements. By branding the team, it aligns BAs in the core values.

Branding a project gives stakeholders something to hold on to as they navigate the project lifecycle. A name, a colour scheme, values, they all capture attention and provide the opportunity to send consistent messaging.

This training takes 1 day.

This training can be delivered in person or virtually.

BA 101: The BA Touchpoints in a Project Lifecycle

101 for Business Analysts, new and established.

This is the look at the touch points from pre to post implementation of a project or program. This training covers the strategic analysis a BA should embark upon before a project is initiated. It moves to the requirements and benefits for establishing a business case. Market scans and vendor selection. Process governance from the as-is to the to-be. Requirements Traceability to the test cases. Input into training, policy, user guides and change management. And finally, post go live benefits monitoring.

This is a whirlwind of the BA role delivered in a practical way to support BAs from Junior to Principal.

Dependent on the detail required, this training is 1-2 days.

It can be delivered in person or virtually.

Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas

Work with Georgiana on the Strategyzer Canvasses to develop your team. Understand who your customers and your key partners are. You can see where your income and expenditure is, or if that’s not applicable, where your time is spent. Understand your Vision, Mission and Values and how that meets the needs of your stakeholders.

Can be delivered in person or virtually.


Georgiana can work with you to design a bespoke training session to meet your team’s needs.

Mix and match elements from the above training courses, or source elements from her speaking topics. It can also incorporate team coaching and development.

Can be delivered in person or virtually.


Georgiana can host the virtual sessions using her Zoom account or using your corporate Zoom, Teams or other service

In person

Georgiana is based in Brisbane, Australia. She can travel with her toolkit to other locations to deliver training in person.

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